Sunday, January 13, 2013

Starting School-Oct. 2012

Well playing catch up again....Alex started preschool on Oct. 1.  I realize that most kids started preschool in Sept or even August, but we weren't going to send her to school this year.  Thanks to that Sept. 5 birthday, she has 2 more years before Alex starts Kindergarten. I didn't see any rush in her going to preschool, not to mention spending the extra money, so we agreed to not sign her up.  The only problem, we didn't consult with Alex.  She literally begged every morning for me to sign her up for school.  It didn't help that they were taking to Mallory to school 2 days a week.  She knew she was missing out and wanted to learn!  At this point, I had to try to work out some logistics with Mom & Dad to now have her 2 days a week and be available to take her and pick her up from school.  Then the big problem to find a school that still had an opening.  As luck would have it, or maybe with divine intervention, I saw a sign at the little church right next door to my parent's neighborhood that they still had openings.  Made a few phone calls, and one visit on a non school day to see the facilities and Alex was signed up to start in the older 3's class.  Older 3's means that everyone in her class has a birthday in the fall or early winter. 
I can not say enough about what a smart decision this has been for my little sponge.  She LOVES school and is soaking up so much learning.  An added bonus is the extra learning about God that she is getting.  Yeah, I think it was divine intervention.  Thank you God for showing me what my child needed most.

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