Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Break- Final Day

Our final day was spent at the Alamo.  Originally we thought we would just run through the Alamo quickly and then head home.  Well not exactly.  First off there was a 45 minute wait just to get into the Alamo. Then Riley was so mesmerized that we toured all the grounds, listening to many of the historical speakers.  Then he begged to see the Alamo Imax movie.  There was no way  I could tell him no to learning about history.  He loved the movie, every last bloody detail and couldn't wait for us to send the pictures to Mrs. Ogle to share with his class.  I was just so proud.  I hope he continues his love of history.

Spring Break Day 2- Sea Word

Day 2 of Spring Break was back up early and headed to another amusement park.  I got a free fun pass for being a teacher and my dad's season pass was still good, so we just had to buy for Mom and the kids.  Don't get me wrong, it was super crowded that day and we didn't get to ride all the kid rides but we knew to expect that heading into the day. 
We just made the point of seeing the shows we felt were important that day. 
We also tried something new.  We bought one of the all you can eat bracelets.  Then we ate the barbecue meals we had wanted to try and shared more meals than usual.  Maybe we did or didn't save money, but sometimes it is fun to try something new.
No matter how many times we have gone to Sea World, Shamu ROCKS will always be a favorite day and night.
Dancing away at Shamu!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012- Fiesta Texas

Spring Break 2012 My parents and I decided to take the kids to San Antonio for the week.  Our first stop was Fiesta Texas.  Since we all have Six Flags season passes this one was free.
My son takes after his momma, he LOVES to read maps.

Miss Glamour loves to be in control!
Flying High with Gampa
 This was Alex's favorite.  She saw the strawberry when we were taking the train ride and that was all she wanted to ride!
Then we went to see a country music show.  I actually got pulled up onto stage!  The cute young boy pulled me onto stage and sang a solo to me.  It was so sweet.  Super funny thing, though, was how my own kids reacted.  Instead of liking to see mommy on stage, they got insanely jealous.  As he walked me back to my seat, both kids gave him the "if looks could kill" look.
Overall we had a great day, both kids were wimps to trying new rides, so we left early enough to catch dinner on the riverwalk.
On the way to the restaurant we decided to drive by the Alamo to just show Riley.  As we are driving by my mom starts telling the story to Riley, he stops her, and proceeds to finish it with even more detail.  Apparantly Mrs. Ogle had already introduced the history of the Alamo.

Riley was fascinated.  Sadly it had already closed for the evening.  We knew we would have to find time that week to come back when it was open. Ahh my little history buff.

Basketball Season

Ok, I know I am blogging about January in May.  I got a little behind...and part of me wants to skip ahead and just do the current.  But since I use the blog to go back and help me scrapbook in order, I will just hit on the really key events in our life. 
In January, we played basketball for a second season.  This particular season we followed our soccer coach and even played with 90% of the same players from the soccer team.  That was the highlight of the season.  Otherwise it was a LONG season.  Basketball is not Riley's sport for now.  He just cannot see the big picture and figure out what he needs to do.  I just tried to remind myself that at age 6, I also played YMCA basketball.  I'm not sure I even took a shot.  Basketball was not my sport and I didn't play again until 4th grade so who knows.

The only thing I do know is I really hope that he does not want to play again next season.