Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

On Friday our school had Storybook Character Dress Up day for Halloween.  My awesome 4th grade team chose to be nerds!  Definitely the best dressed team at BES!
 I only worked a half day because Randy & I took off  to College Station for our first Aggie football game in 4 years.  Sadly I have zero pictures of hanging out at the Trykoski ranch, going to Midnight Yell, an awesome Aggie football game where we beat Tech, or watching the World Series at some horrible Mexican food restaurant in Huntsville because Randy wanted to bring his little camera instead.  Then just as we took the first picture, the battery died.  Yes, that is why I am never in the pictures, because if you want a job done right, you do it yourself!  But we did have a great time!  Then we woke up Sunday morning, had some pancakes & bacon cooked by Greg, Yummy, and then headed home for Trick or Treating!
 Having Halloween on Sunday made me antsy to get started.  Usually I am rushing home from work and trying to hurry through dinner.  This night we grabbed quarter corn dogs from Sonic and we dressed & were ready to go by 6:30.  Except that Randy wouldn't let us go until it got dark.  I thought that since the Ranger game started at 7:00, that gave us an excuse to start early, but Randy still was not buying it. 
 It took alot of convincing to get Alex to understand that she did not need to bring a purse & a backpack trick or treating.  Her bucket was all she would need!
Riley was the transfomer, Bumble Bee and didn't need any coaching on what to bring!
 First stop of many.  Sadly I think they were more excited about riding in the gator than actually trick or treating, but then again they had trick or treated at Trunk or Treat and Boo at the Zoo already!

One last photo as the night wore on.  Trick or treating was a success, but I wish we had more than 4 kids trick or treat at our own house.  I have a ridiculous amount of candy left over!!!

Trunk or Treat

On Sunday, Oct. 24, which also happens to be my birthday, our church had Trunk or Treat.  So for the first time this year, we had a Bumblebee Transformer & a ladybug.  Our Sunday School class' theme was Western Nashville Star.  Sadly I have no pictures of me all dressed up, because of course I was the one taking the pictures, like always. But I do have pictures of the kids posing on the saddle!
Here is Riley trying to rope our hay steer!  For trunk or treat, each class picks a theme to all dress up like and then some have theme related games to go along with it.
Where's Waldo?
 Our photo spot
 Alex riding the "horse" at the Western Trunk!
As I was getting all dressed up in my boots & hat, Randy came in & asked if he just had to be a Nashville Star.  I stupidly just answered "yes."  Little did I know that that meant he was coming as Larry the Cable Guy.   Although I think he looks pretty normal to me!
Oh & the best part of Trunk or Treat is all the candy!