Thursday, January 17, 2013

Parade of Lights

The weekend after Thanksgiving, Randy left to go hunting.  Mom & Dad came over to help me get my tree up.  Somehow my one tree turned into 2 trees.  I guess that is what I get for including my over the top Christmas loving parents.  But I really didn't mind because they helped me decorate both trees and also helped me take them down after Christmas.  So I got a pretty tree with all maroon & gold and then the kids got a tree with all their yearly and fun ornaments in the dining room.  At first Riley wasn't too keen on this idea, but then he loved that he could reach mostly to the top of his tree. 
After decorating all day, we decided to go see the Fort Worth Parade of Lights.  This was something we don't usually get to do because we are usually in Pensacola.  Very cool parade, but very long!  Over 100 floats!!!  Plus super crowded.  My poor dad dropped us off to see the parade and then drove around for another 30 minutes before he found a parking spot.    But I do love this picture of everyone from after the parade. 
Then Mom took the camera so that I could be at the event too!

Definitely fun, but next year I think we will get there much earlier so that we can sit and FIND a parking spot.

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