Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grand Prairie Lights

Last year we started another new tradition that we carried on this year, going to Grand Prairie to see the lights.  We have learned the trick.  Be in line at 6 when the doors open and eat dinner before you get in line.  That way you are at the front of the line, one of the first to see Santa, and doesn't take as long to make it through while driving because you get to set the pace. 
The lights are so pretty and all together instead of driving through multiple neighborhoods.
At the half way point, they have two rides, Santa, and snacks to buy.  Alex wanted to ride just like her brother, but then 1 minute into the ride, she is crying "I don't like this."  Luckily the ride operator just stopped the ride and let her off.  It was very nice of him and saved us from a total meltdown. 
This one was a little more Alex's speed!
After a couple of rides, we got our really good picture with Santa and then bought some hot chocolate and cotton candy as you can plainly see!  Yummy!  Although I really missed the cookies they had last year.  Very yummy and way less sticky!

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