Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ice! 2012!

We went to ICE! again this year, but this time Randy came with us.  :)  My best friend, Teresa, had called and said that she could get 1/2 price tickets and did we want to go.  Amazingly all the schedules worked out and we were able to meet up.  It was super crowded, but so fun to be with Teresa, Smith, & J!
Here is our family shot.  Yes, the grizzly man is Randy!  LOL! I think he was doing something like No Shave November.  Whatever!  Just glad it is now gone. 
Teresa, Smith, & J
The theme this year was Merry Madgascar, which my kids were super excited about.  Yes we own all 3 Madagascar movies and watch them over and over.  Too bad the exhibit didn't have the music to go along with it.
Silly kids!  Just glad they weren't trying to put those tongues on any of the ice.
Well you can't see Alex the Lion in this picture, but my Alex just thought it was cool to see her name on the tag.
We had alot of fun and it was really great to have Randy come along and get to do something all 4 of us. 

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