Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Soccer & Some Boot Scootin Fun!

Riley is back to playing soccer again this season.  He loved baseball in the spring, but didn't want to give up soccer.  That was fine with us, I don't want to force him to choose a sport at age 7. He is back with the same coach that we have had the last 2 years and love how much Riley is learning.
Alot of the same players are back, and it is good to be with our friends again.  We did lose some of our leaders of the team.  That just means that Riley is going to have to step up his game and get aggressive.  Our first game, Riley looked good, but not much offense. 

But the second game of the season, we won 2-0 and Riley scored one of those goals.   YEA!  Although if you ask Riley he will just say, that is because no one was in front of me, I had to score.  That is called skills son!

After soccer, we headed back out to Henrietta for a 2nd weekend with the Isom's.  Chuck has tried to get Randy to come out to Pioneer Reunion weekend since they have been friends back in Jr. High.  But there have just always been reasons to not make it.  After we had so much hunting weekend, we knew we wanted to make an extra effort.  So after our 8:45 game, we rushed home to change clothes and drive out there. We got there just in time to do a little shopping, and then head back to the house for lunch.  They have several booths set up around the courthouse.  Mommy didn't find anything she needed, but both kids had to buy a toy gun and toy bow & arrows.  Randy convinced them that they needed to spend their own money on what they wanted to buy.  It worked out well.  Alex found this cute dress that she really wanted, until Randy told her that she would have to spend her own money to pay for half of it.  Then she changed her mind and decided she didn't want the dress after all.  Imagine that!
    After lunch, the men took over child duty and the women headed into town to do a little shopping.  Jenn and I managed to both pick out matching shirts.  Don't worry, we are not planning to wear them at the same time.  We headed back to the house for a quick dinner and to get dressed and ready for rodeo that night.
We sat in the Isom's box seats and although it had rained alot the day before and threatened to pour several times that night we really enjoyed ourselves.
Chuck & Jenn & family

My little cowgirl

I had never sat through an entire rodeo, most less the kids having seen one.  They were really good and it was so interesting to watch.  We sat calf roping, barrel racing, of course bull riding, and more.
The best part for Riley was the calf scramble.  Again I had no idea what to expect.  But all the kids head out to the center of the arena and then they let 3 calves loose.  The point is to grab the tag off of each calf.  Riley actually got close to one, but wasn't the lucky one.
But he sure thought he was big stuff.
After the rodeo we headed back to the house to enjoy dessert of brownies & ice cream.  Then we headed home for the night.  The entire Isom family was staying at the house, so we decided to make it easier on all by just driving home Saturday night.  It was a late night, but we all had such a good time. Hopefully I see more Pioneer reunion weekends in our future.  Thanks again to Chuck & Jenn, Mr. & Mrs. Isom for inviting us and being such great hosts.

Riley's Hunting Trip

Since Randy no longer has his own hunting lease, he has been unable to share his love with Riley.  So when our friend Chuck mentioned going dove hunting on his family's property in Henrietta, Randy jumped at the chance.  The best part for me was Randy woke Riley up early, got him dressed, fed, and I got to sleep in.  So they headed out early Saturday morning to begin their hunt.  There were a total of 5 guys that went out.  Randy, Riley, Chuck, his son Brandon, and Chuck's dad.  What a great family event. Now the adults were actually the only ones doing the killing, but they did let the boys get in some target practice.  Riley may not have killed anything, but he was sure proud of being out there with Daddy.
I love their makeshift gun holder.  Apparantly Riley did get to shoot the big gun once, but the kickback was so strong that he decided he was just fine with the smaller gun and bb gun.
I am proud to say that Riley apparently already has a pretty good shot and was having lots of fun during target practice.  I see lots of hunting weekends with Daddy in his future.
The boys cooling off a little as it was time to head back in.
It was just supposed to be a morning hunt, but somehow it turned into a whole family weekend.  Randy called me as I was headed home from church with Alex and asked if we had anything else planned that day.  Since it was a 3 day weekend, he drove home to get us and we packed stuff to spend the night.  The four of us joined the rest of Chuck's family and had a great weekend with the Isom family.  The boys got to go out 2 more times to hunt and the girls got to spend some great time catching up and relaxing hanging out in the kitchen.  I really appreciated the Isom's hospitality.  The kids loved getting out in nature and away from the city.