Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Trip Back in Time

Every year, Randy & I make a trip down to Plantersville, TX to the Texas Renaissance Festival.  This year most of our crew friends were unable to go, so we decided to bring the kids.  Other than really wanting a weekend away from kids, it turned out to be a good decision.  They had so much fun and were so cute.
A precious little princess with her knight in shining armor.
This was also the first time we dressed up when we took the kids to faire.  Lots of fun and my sweet princess was getting all the attention.  Although as Randy pointed out next year, she will just be another girl.  This year she was still that precious little girl!

This was supposed to just be a faire costume, but she decided she wants to wear it for Halloween too.  Score!  Mommy saved some money!

Alex loves her daddy so much.  I think Randy traveling has been hardest on her.  Which is probably the biggest reason we brought the kids this year.  She hates when he leaves and yells excitedly when he comes home on Friday nights. 
  Since we brought the kids we decided to do something we never do, but always want to.  We went to the shows, you know like the normal mundanes do.  Our first stop was the fire whip show.  Really cool!  They performer did all kinds of tricks cracking his whip.  Then he took off his shirt and lit his whip on fire.  WOW!  Impressive!  Although Alex was more interested in the girl dressed like Snow White behind us.  She truly looked just like the Disney Princess!
We then spent alot of money on rides. Up first was the spinning dinosaur eggs.  Riley LOVED it.  In fact he asked over and over to ride it again. The thing I love about faire is that the ride is not mechanical.  The cups are being spun by the workers.
Alex wanted nothing to do with the spinning eggs, but she preferred to ride the pony.  Of course Riley got to ride that too.  Although he was a little sad that he weighed too much to ride the llama.  At first Alex made me walk in circles right along with her.  Then she decided she was done with me and could do it on her own.  So independent, as long as Mommy is close by.

Then it was time to rush off to school, sword school that is!  There were about 25 kids who were taught the proper way to hold and stand while advancing or retreating in a sword fight.  Riley took it seriously as always, but really enjoyed it.  Now we will see if any of it carries over with the long new wooden sword that he picked out at the end of the day.
After sword school it was restroom break time.  While waiting for Alex & I, the boys were entertained by the belly dancers. When we finished we joined the boys watching their show preview.  As they finished their preview we turned to leave.  Alex started throwing a fit.  We were totally dumbfounded.  What on Earth was she so upset about?  Then we realized she wanted to see the dancers some more.  Randy willingly sacrificied his time to watch the dancers perform their full show.  Imagine that!
Finally it was nap time.  We walked back to the rv to fix lunch and take a little nap.  Plus I was dying to get out of my bodice and breath for a little bit. This pictures just melts my heart.  I was so glad that Daddy could carry her all the way back to the rv.  She was so tired and it was such a long walk.
After some relaxation and lunch we headed back inside for more fun.  We saw the final performance of the joust, which resulted in Enland losing and all the competitors getting in a fight. Ha Ha!  All this competition left Riley feeling he could conquer the world. Except he had trouble conquering the King's ladder.  Hmm...
Alex just wanted to eat.  She begged for some popcorn. Never mind the bag is half her size!
Back to the manly competition.  We headed over the children's area.  That really should be named the money sucker area!  First off we had to try our hand at the crossbow.  Riley did pretty well.  Not quite as good of aim as he is with the rifle.
Then Alex wanted Daddy to show her.
Our final event of the day was an elephant ride.  Alex begged and begged to go.  Then she got all scared as it was time to embark.  Luckily once we got started she loved it.  But way too expensive for the short little circle ride.
The next morning we woke up to rain headed our way.  So we quickly packed up camp and headed home.  A great weekend and good quality time spent with the kids. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

A new unplanned, unwanted haircut!

Friday night took a turn for the worse.  I rushed home from school on Friday to load the rv and head to TRF (Texas Rennaisance Festival).  It was opening weekend and Randy and I had decided to take the kids with us this year.  So I rushed home from parent conferences and started throwing our clothes in the trailer.  Randy quickly stopped me.  Apparantly 4 months of no use = a nonfiring generator.  Randy was fighting and fighting with it.  About 6:30 Riley headed inside to watch tv, being quite bored with the whole process.  A litle while later, Alex followed Riley inside. I figured she was inside watching tv with Riley.  I figured wrong!  About 6:45 Alex comes outside looking like this...
In case you can't tell, she chopped about 3 inches off her hair on the right side.  I quickly called my hair dresser, but of course she had taken the afternoon off.  Racing inside, I found all her hair neatly in the trash can.  Alex had decided to play hair salon! So off we went to Great Clips to see how much damage she had done.

 It was determined that all of her length had to come off.  So she cut off her ponytail.  This is the point that I started to softly cry.  It took her 3 years of her precious life to grow that hair out, and now it is gone with one final cut.
Well here is the final look.  Cute, yes, but not the look I wanted for her at all.  What about all those cute bows?  What about that brand new soccer bow attached to a rubber band that I just bought 2 weeks ago?

Well I guess I will just have to buy some headbands and get used to the short hair.  She was supposed to be Rapunzel for Halloween, but now Riley & I have decided that she is Rapunzel at the end of the movie after she cuts off her hair and it turns brown.