Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Halloween Fun!

This is a random assortment of all the fun things we did for Halloween.  We started with Alex's school Fall Festival.  The kids sang, trunk or treated, played games for candy, and I finally got to meet her teachers!
All the school friends singing their fall songs.

That weekend was Trunk or Treat at church.  Our sunday school class voted to do a tailgate theme.  Then on Sunday morning, it turned into bringing our RV, setting up the TV to show the cowboy game, and bringing our lawn chairs.  When the Cowboy game turned south, we switched over to DJ Eric playing the different school fight songs. 
We had such a good time, hanging out in our college tshirts and collecting and giving out a ridiculous amount of candy.   The really funny part of the evening that just made my heart glow was when my kids didn't want to go to any more trunks or get any more candy.  They just wanted to go back to the RV and hand out candy.  Yes, they took over the handing out candy from the adults. 

This is all the Anchor's babies.  Yeah I guess we kind of are the baby making class. :)

Finally it was Halloween!  My adorable little Wizard & Witch.   Riley actually decided what he wanted to be first.  So he enlisted Nana to make just the right cloak.  Every good wizard needs a witch to go with him.  So I had to talk Alex out of being a princess to be a light up witch. The light up was the final selling point.
The neighborhood kids out scaling the neighborhood.
One final picture is of my 4th grade team at work.  The Language Arts teachers dressed in Steampunk from the book, Leviathan.  The Science teachers were mad scientists, I think.

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