Saturday, January 23, 2010

Riley's 1st Fort Worth Stock Show

Ever since my grandparents moved back to Fort Worth several months ago, my Papaw has been dying to take Riley to the Fort Worth Stock Show. 25 years ago when Papaw & Nemo lived in Fort Worth, this was something they were a big part of, so it seemed natural to want to show their great grandchildren their heritage. Friday seemed to be the perfect time to pass this on. It was perfect warm weather, although a little too windy. I got Riley all dolled up in his new wrangler jeans, new cowboy shirt, and new black boots. He looked so grown up and tall. He is tall, those are size 5 regular jeans and almost too short with boots on. Riley was so excited. Thursday night I had to go to Cavender's to get the jeans because 2 different Walmarts did not have his size. While in Cavender's he wanted everything. He wanted me to buy him a hat, belt, and a rope. "Because all good cowboys need a rope, mom!"
As well layed plans usually go, we had a kink in the system. Thursday night, Tracey, my babysitter called to tell me that her son has Swine Flu again!! Poor thing, once is bad enough! That meant I had to find someone else to keep the kids. Mom is certainly not ready to keep the kids. Luckily Tracey's best friend also keeps kids and helped me out. So Papaw & Nemo picked Riley up on Friday morning around 10 and headed to Will Rogers. They had a blast. Riley saw all kinds of live animals.
This was the cow of a friend of theirs from Hooks, and he let Riley blow dry it!

He was able to see baby chicks hatching live!

He even posed with a real live Indian!

I think the 3 of them had the best time. I am so glad that they were able to show Riley the history of Fort Worth, and a part of their history as well.

He even got to ride a real pony!

Around 4 that afternoon, I received a phone call from Nemo. I figured it was them saying we are back and come get your kid. But I was wrong! They were still there. They had to stay a few extra hours until the midway opened. More fun for Riley and fun for me too. While he was riding rides, I went to dinner with my old third grade team. It was nice to only have to worry about one child during dinner instead of two. That was certainly a team of so much experience and knowledge. I can truly say that I am the teacher I am today, because of the ladies that I ate dinner with last night. They taught me almost everything I know about teaching today!

Checking out the water fountain!
Finally the made it home around 6:15 last night. They were all exhausted but bubbling with the excitement of the day. I only wish I could have been there to see it all, but then again it would not have been the same bonding experience for all of them if I had been there.
Rope 'Em Cowboy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mom's surgery & a little funny moment

Up until last night, I could not bring myself to blog about my mom's surgery. I told one of the girls at work, that I just did not have it in me to say anything nice. I was starting to feel sorry for myself and focusing on all the loss of 2009. Outwardly I think I have done a good job of always being positive with mom and talking about how great she is going to feel afterward, but on the inside I was screaming, "This is my MOM!" Do you understand that I talk to her everyday and truly do not know what I would do without her? Let me back up for anyone not in the know. Tomorrow my mom is having bypass surgery x 5. I don't even know what to call that many.
Anyway so in all of my pity, I found the light at the end that made me smile and reminded me that everything was going to be alright. My parents have the most amazing group of friends. They go to dinner every Friday night, most Sundays after church, and play Bunco once a month. On top of all that most of the group is who they went on a cruise with last year and then proceeded to cruise Alaska with this year. They are so supportive, and always there for each other. Yesterday, like most Sundays, they all went to lunch together. During lunch mom was discussing her dilemma of still having Christmas stuff up and surgery on Tuesday. There is a perfectly good reason that mom still had her Christmas stuff up! We were supposed to have the Smith extended family Christmas last weekend so they intentionally left it all up. The group offered to come help. For once, Dad knew that he had to step in and get help. So he told them to show up at 4. He sent mom home to first get a nap and then about 6 of them showed up to help. In two hours, they had all the Christmas done, put away, and returned to the attic. What an amazing feat. My mom DECORATES! This would have taken her days with the way she has been feeling and now it is all down. Hallelujah!
Now if I had been my friend Chelsea I would have had photos to document all this hard work. I don't and I didn't even know it was happening until it was all done, but I am so happy for my parents.
All this said, please say a little prayer for my mom & dad. Mom needs a prayer that everything goes smoothly and she can feel better. Dad needs the prayers as he starts the process of her recovery and taking care of her for the next few weeks. We have to keep her from doing any lifting, especially Alex for 8 weeks! That is going to seem like an eternity!
Now an update on the kids. Both kids are recovering well from their bout of sickness. Alex still hates the breathing treatments but at least we are down to every other day. I finally returned the kleenex box to the bathroom and not the bedside table for Riley. Just a few more days of antibiotics and all be well.
Most of the time, Riley speaks very eloquently. He even uses big words properly. So when he doesn't it cracks me up. The other day he asked for "mum mums." I wasn't sure at first and then I realized that mum mums were M&Ms. Too cute.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Aggie Game!

Last Saturday, my mom, dad, & I took the kids to their first Aggie game! Randy left the night before for one more hunting trip and I was trying to decide what to do. I realized that the Aggie basketball team had a game at noon on Saturday, so mom & dad said let's go! Early Saturday morning, after quickly washing their A&M clothes, we headed to College Station. The first half of the game went great. The kids were pretty interested and liked all the lights. Wow, games sure have changed alot since I used to attend every single home game 10 years ago. I guess a successful basketball program will do that for you. They have stats on all these scoreboards at all times. Plus a great sound system. Since it is Christmas break for the students, we got half price tickets which made them only $5 a piece. We sat behind the backstops, it what is usually the student section. Even with all the students at home, there was a decent crowd. Not full by any means, but still as many people at the game as we used to have for a regular Big 12 game. That definitely made me smile!
The Ags won the game real easily! But it was a great time to teach Riley a little basketball terminology and let him see some dunks.

After the game we drove around campus to see what all has changed. The MSC is under MAJOR construction and is closed until 2012! Then they added this new building in the area that used to be a parking lot by the drill field. All in all it was a great trip down there. We even did a little shopping to get Riley a new jersey and Alex a new Aggie dress for next football season.

Then we had to check out the new Aggie Ring behind the former student building. I just wish Randy had been with us to be in the picture.

Another new sculpture. We have the Benjamin Knox print of this above our bed in our bedroom.

We had a great trip, but unfortunately Alex did not eat much throughout the day. I knew this was not a good sign. I had taken both kids in to the doctor on Thursday with sinus issues. Sure enough both kids had a sinus infection and were put on antibiotics. I guess they did not work because Saturday night neither kid slept real well. Riley woke up with an ear ache and Alex woke up running fever.
So Monday morning, Mom took them back to the doctor for me. This time they both had an ear infection and Alex came home with a breathing machine. This is horrible. She hates it. The first day we had to do a breathing treatment every 3 hours including during the night. I was exhausted on Tuesday. Plus poor Mom & Dad had to keep the kids on Monday & Tuesday. So then life returned to normal on Wednesday, back to the babysitter after 2.5 weeks. Poor Alex did not want to go. She cried & cried. Today I was supposed to take her back to the doctor for a follow-up, but instead we woke up to ice, school closed, and doctor closed. Oh well!