Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally Some Snow to go with Our Ice

We have had nothing but ice since Monday night.  No school and just been cooped up in the house, because it was too cold to go outside to play.  Finally last night(Thursday night) we had SNOW!  At least if we have to be home from school and being made a fool by the whole nation, at least we could finally have some snow.  As soon as Riley woke up, he began begging to go outside.  I kept putting it off because it was still snowing outside.  Finally Randy had to go take payroll, so we all got bundled up (which was a good 30 minute process- I swear I don't know how they do it up north ALL the time). 
I knew that broom would come in handy, somehow...
 That is an awfully big snowball, Riley....
And here is what happens after Riley makes that really big snowball.  Can you just guess what happened?  Oh yeah, little sister got a snowball directly to the face!  Poor thing.  She didn't even know it was coming.
          But don't feel too bad, because turn about is fair play.  Daddy decided to get in on the action. 
                    Here is that justice, as Riley hits the ground to avoid a snowball.
Fate continues to punish those being mean, because as Randy threw the snowball he slipped on a patch of ice and fell flat on his butt.  Nobody was injured and we all had a good laugh.

Just wanted to remember that we got 3 inches of snow today.  Not as much as the 11 inches last year, but alot more than 1" that was predicted for today.

My favorite little ladybug finally enjoying the snow outside and trying to make her own snowballs.
 Riley was using the well as a fort for protection, until Daddy snuck around to the other side and still got him.

No Alex, you don't want to eat this snow!  Actually I think she was laughing and being silly, but I just caught her with her eyes closed and tongue out!

Then they decided to get out the John Deere gator and go for a ride.  The only problem is it doesn't quite have the traction that a real John Deere does.
 And when your car gets stuck in the snow, a good man will get out and try to shovel his best girl to safety.
 But an independent girl is always willing to help, and use her own muscles.  Sadly though, no one could make the gator unstuck.  So mommy just drug it back into the garage.
 Even Sadie wanted to get out and enjoy the snow.  In fact, I had the hardest time catching her.  I would have thought that she wouldn't have wanted to get her paws wet.  But no, she was having fun.
Since the gator didn't work, Alex decided to try her bike.  Another toy I just had to drag back into the garage.
Last, but not least, no snowday would be complete without making snow angels.  We ended up only being outside for about 45 minutes, but it was just great to get some fresh air and feel the sunshine on our faces. Now I am ready for it all to melt, so that life can continue as normal.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day photos

Yesterday afternoon, I was supposed to go to a recertification class for CPR. My parents had already planned to pick up the kids since my class was not supposed to be done until 6:30.  At lunch I learned that I was signed up for the wrong class.  So I quickly changed plans for after school, and decided to squeeze in Valentine's day pictures from Picture People.  Not using any of my really good photographers, but just something easy, quick, and cheap.  It has been forever since I have been to one of those quick studios and there is something to be said for those.  For one, you get your pictures that day.  So I am able to post them & add them to the frames in the house while they are fresh in my mind.  Otherwise I have a tendency to not print them off for a while.  ( Like our big family photo that was taken in July & I still have not printed).  Don't get me wrong, those pictures are amazing and it will be 16x20 framed picture in my house.  I just have to find somewhere good to print it so the color will last. 
 I don't know why I am such a sucker for Valentine's pictures.  We don't even celebrate it around this house, but the pictures are always just so cute!  Plus I love to buy the really cute tshirts.  This year the kids shirts came from Gymboree, with Gymbucks!!  I'm just sad that they don't really show in these photos.
I know I haven't posted in a while, but we have been busy, although I'm not sure what we have been doing.  Riley is still playing basketball and improving.  Although I am learning that it is easier to be patient with soccer that I don't know as much about, as basketball where I know exactly what he should be doing at all times.  Last Saturday he had a double header.  Double headers are worthless for Riley.  Every time he has to play one the second game is sooooo frustrating.  He just is too tired and doesn't pay attention. 
    I had really big hopes for this week.  After watching the games the previous weekend, I decided that Riley's regular tennis shoes were not good enough and he needed basketball shoes.  Randy disagreed and didn't think I should spend the money.  In fact he even said, the shoes don't make the player.  I thought about this, but then the next day I heard an ad on the radio for Academy.  They said that equipment makes the player.  Well if it is on the radio, then IT MUST BE TRUE!  Ha Ha!  So I took Riley to get cool new black & white Shaq basketball shoes and an under armor black shirt.  He was going to look like a real player! 
    Sad to say, the equipment does not make the player.  But it does make him look much better!