Monday, November 9, 2009

End of soccer season

With mixed emotions, we celebrated the end of soccer season on Saturday. Part of me is glad for the extra free time, but then the rest of me really enjoyed watching Riley shine every Saturday and seeing all of his team grow. This season's team was quite young and our poor coach often had a hard time even getting 4 players on the field. Saturday's game showed how much growth our team has had over the season. Riley scored 2 goals and 2 other players on our team each scored one. We lost 5-4, but we were so proud of the other players scoring their first goals. I do have to say though, that we were winning 3-0 before Riley had to spend his time sitting out. This is where I have to remind myself that it is not about winning, but letting every player play and grow as a soccer player. Every player gets a trophy in the YMCA league. Although Riley was pretty proud of his new trophy like they had won first place.

My little soccer stud!
The team getting their trophies!
Alex & Gampa enjoying the view!
It won't be long and Alex will be playing too!

More Halloween Pics

I just wanted to share the pictures that we had taken at Portrait Innovations last week. I think they are adorable. Of course, I am a little partial to the subjects of the pictures!
Then we took this one for Daddy! Of course this would be my worst nightmare!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Because I waited until the last minute, Riley & I decided to just tatoo our pumpkins this year instead of carving them. Here are my cute kids in their Halloween clothes with their pumpkins.Alex just kept laughing. She was so excited to be going trick or treating!
All of God's creatures
My little dragon looking so sweet. His costume was actually a dinosaur, but when I first saw it I called it a dragon before I realized that it did not have any wings. Anyway Riley called it dragon, so he was a dragon this year.
The whole family ready to head out!
We walked next door first. I knew they always decorated alot, so I wanted to make sure that we hit this house before it got too dark. I didn't want Alex to get scared. Riley's first year of trick or treating we went here first and he got pretty scared, so I tried to make sure that we did not have a repeat.
When you live in a neighborhood with one acre lots, that means ALOT of walking. So we borrowed Papaw Richard's Ranger to roll through the neighborhood. We actually went to a bunch of houses this year. We were amazed how many more people were home this year. Maybe it has something to do with Halloween being on a Saturday night.
More candy!
We ended the evening with a TON of candy. On top of all that we got trick or treating, I had bought 5 bags for the other neighborhood kids. The weather was so perfect that we stayed out during most of the trick or treating time. We only had 3 trick or treaters by the time we got back. It is times like this, that I really wish that I could give away candy as a reward for school. We will never eat it all!
Alex found some candy that she could eat with only 2 teeth!