Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Children's Christmas Pageant

I finally convinced Riley to join the choir at church.  He isn't really thrilled, but he definitely prefers it to sitting and listening the sermon.  The benefit of that was he was part of the children's Christmas program this year.  He made the sweetest little angel. 
Alex's choir also sang for the opening of the program.  This was one of her first times to sing with her choir.  She of course, was super excited about getting to sing in front of the whole church.  Yes she does love to sing and perform. 
It was a crazy morning though.  Randy was gone, hunting, of course so I got to do what I have done lots of lately with him working out of town was play single mom.  I rushed everyone off to Sunday School.  Got to sit down for about 20 minutes of my own class' lesson then rushed off to get everyone in place and dressed.  I was supposed to pick Riley up and have him dressed in his angel costume by 10:30.  Then I was supposed to pick Alex up and get her in line ready to sing by 10:45.   A little crazy, but I managed and everyone was dressed, and ready to sing.  On top of all that I also managed to take pictures with my camera and film it with my cell phone.  Although I somehow didn't manage to get this downloaded to the computer to add to my blog.   

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