Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday and the beginning of a LOOONG week!

Wednesdays for the kids are spent at my parents. Since we have to make the long drive to Hurst, I usually leave the kids in their pajamas. I guess they made a BIG mess at breakfast, so they were helping clean up. Wish I could get them to work for me! Then they headed out to take pictures of the kids in the wildflowers. I just love those moments when they are being sweet and loving to each other.

Riley prancing in the flowers.

My sweet little girl!

Looking handsome in the flowers

After all that posing they headed to the park to play. You can't really tell from this picture, but this is where my allergy baby started showing signs of having problems from being out in the pollen. She had red splotches all over her face.
After playing on the swings & slides, they headed over to feed the ducks.
Some of you know that I have been real concerned about Alex's lack of verbal skills, so we get real excited when she says new words. In this picture, a duck had just wandered by and Alex turned and said, "Hey duck". Yea, another new word!
Unfortunately this was the end of our fun for a couple of days. While the kids were playing at the park, I was leaving work with a fever & strep throat. Thankfully my parents kept the kids overnight for me. But then Riley went home from school early on Thursday. By Thursday night, I took Riley & I to the doctor. Both of us had strep throat. Then I took Alex to the dr on Friday, after I was reminded that sometimes strep symptoms can be a rash. Alex never got the fever, but she had a horrible rash on her face. After several hours and lots of money later, she did not have strep but was put on oral steroids because the dr did not like her rash mixed with that crouping sounding cough. In all I missed 2 1/2 days of work, and had both kids home with me on Friday. We all did get in a nap, but not as much rest as I was hoping for. Luckily by Saturday morning, and 24 hours worth of antibiotics we were all feeling much better.

9 GOALS!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday everyone was feeling better and we ventured out to Riley's soccer game. His goal before the game was to score 9 goals and he did just that!!! I am so proud of him. Now I know I am his mother and therefore I have to brag, but I am also not clueless. I know that he is the most experienced in his league. I don't expect him to always be the star, but I love it while it lasts. Daddy and Riley

A little extra sidelines coaching from dad

Goal #7

Goal #8 and working on making his fingers work

WooHoo! Goal #9 right at the buzzer!!

Way to go Riley!

Monday, April 19, 2010

McKinney Ave Trolley

Two weekends ago, Daddy went to play paintball in Missouri so we met up with my best friend Teresa & her little boy Jacob (whose Daddy was also out of town) to ride the McKinney Ave Trolley. Teresa had found this little delight a while back and it sounded like something just up these two boys alleys. We had a little adventure before getting on. First we stopped in Starbucks to borrow the bathroom and get water for the mommy's & cow's milk for the kids. Notice I did not say any COFFEE! As we stood there getting everything and everyone loaded up, the trolley passed us right by ahead of schedule, or late. We still are not real sure. No worries with these 3 monkeys we just walked to the next stop and found a quiet corner for the kids to run and jump. Finally along came the trolley. It was great. Looks just like the old timey ones.
We had just planned to ride it once around the circle, but everyone was having so much fun I think we rode in a circle about 3 or 4 times. Here is Riley getting to ring the bell after we changed directions. Finally we decided it was time to eat. Riley voted for pizza, so we stopped at Grinaldi's Pizza. It was YUMMY! We all split a large pepperoni pizza. While waiting our waitress brought out dough for the kids to play with.

Alex wasn't too sure what to do with it.

Riley had a great time building and just feeling the sticky sensation.
Eventually we parted ways and headed home. It didn't take long before both kids were sound asleep in the back of the car. This allowed me to reflect on my memories of Texas Stadium as I passed it for the last time. The very next morning it was imploded. How strange to lose those memories of Cowboy games, George Strait concert with my mom where we just about melted, and of course those high school playoff games where my best friend danced on the star along with the Raiderettes. Another reminder that I am getting old and all things must come to an end.
This picture doesn't do it justice, but not bad considering I was driving along 183 while I took it!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday started off with a crazy morning. As always on Sunday mornings we were rushing around and trying not to be late to Sunday School. It was especially important not to be late this Sunday because it was my first morning teaching the 3 year Sunday School class. Of course, we had 21 precious darlings. It was total chaos, but no one got lost or ran away. :) (including the teachers!) After that crazy hour, Riley & I had to walk into church late on Easter Sunday and try to find the family. Luckily I knew they always sit in the balcony, so that limited the places to look. During the service, I was so proud of Riley. For the first time ever, he went down to the children's sermon, completely on his own. Then he wanted to go to Children's church. He has NEVER wanted to go. I was so proud of him and he took off like a champ. Never mind that I had to get up and crawl over everyone on the aisle AGAIN to sign him up since I did not do it before church! After church, we headed over to my parent's house for one last Easter in this house. It is hard to believe that in a little over a month they will be in a new house! I have never known any other house for my parents. (Mental note- post pictures of the house for everyone to see!) We had the whole family there. My cousin Jamie, her husband Chad, and their little guy Caleb (who is just 6 weeks older than Alex), and my Aunt Jeanne all drove in from Austin. Then my Grandma Betty & Grandpa Bill, Papaw & Nemo, Uncle Jimmy & Linda, and Papaw Richard. (Grandma Karyn was at home in Florida :(. We had the whole crew there & it was wonderful. We cooked hamburgers & hot dogs (our usual Easter dinner), potato salad, and homemade ice cream. (Although unfortunately Alex had another allergic reaction to the ice cream. I don't know what is in it that does this!!! No more homemade ice cream for her!) Then it was Egg Hunting Time!
At first Papaw had to help Alex get the hang of finding the eggs....

Riley occasionally needed some help too. To make it more fair for the little ones, we told Riley that he could only pick up a few off the ground. All the rest for him, were up on something!

Alex quickly got the hang of things!

But my prissy little girl insisted on carrying her basket like a purse. Luckily her cousin Caleb was there to help her put the eggs back in her basket. It was SO SWEET!

Carryng it like a purse!

Papaw Richard is trying to point another egg out to Riley!

Caleb sure was studying that egg. Whatcha thinking Big Guy???

Papaw loves his girls!

I absolutely love seeing all three of them together. But we NEVER get them to sit still and ALL look at the camera!

As much as I love watching my own two little ones, there is something really special about watching Alex & Caleb. They are so sweet together. Jamie & I are six weeks apart in age. Although she was always a year older in school because her birthday was in August & mine was in October. Who would have ever guessed that we would have our children 6 weeks apart and they would fall in different school years? Caleb has a July Birthday and Alex has a September birthday.

Time to find out what all was in the baskets & eggs!

Alex loved her sucker!

Each child also got a watering can and a shovel. I never imagined that they would chose to use it while still in the Easter clothes. So much for my prissy girl. At least I know she knows how to get down & dirty!

Monday, April 5, 2010

First Hurst Egg Hunt & Dying Eggs

On Saturday we had our first egg hunt of the year. We had our church's egg hunt. It is always funny to watch. They set out thousands of eggs and the whole thing is over in 5 minutes. But the kids love it and it reminds them what to do before we have our own personal egg hunt at home. Randy & Alex all prepared for the big race!

Riley did not want to use the cars basket that I packed. So, we used the pop up bunny!

Look at that speed! Riley raced out in front of everyone to get as many eggs as possible! That level of competition makes mommy proud! :)

After the hunt was over, they sat down to find out what goodies they got!

Then it was time to head back to Nana & Gampa's to dye the eggs. The favorite is always the egg spinner. It makes really pretty eggs. Unfortunately by the time we store them in the fridge overnight, the paint never dries. So we either use plastic or permanently dye our fingers.

Alex got a little help from Gampa, but she still wanted to do it herself! She is growing too fast!
Then it was time for baths and head home before the big Easter Sunday the next day.

Making Cookies

Maybe it was the Easter season, or maybe it was realizing just how short life can be sometimes, but I decided that I wanted to bake cookies from scratch, ice, and decorate them last week. WOW! That is all I can say! We made the dough on Wednesday. Then on Friday night we baked, iced, and decorated. I'm pretty sure that both kids had a blast. I enjoyed it while they were with me. But unfortunately their short attention spans kicked in and I got to finish the cookies on my own. Are we putting icing on the cookies or in our mouths?

Meticulously spreading the sprinkles!

Riley's well decorated cookie!

Alex probably had the most fun! But let's just say Sprinkles Sprinkles Sprinkles!

Yummy Cookie!
Both kids really enjoyed their cookies,but I don't think we will be trying this adventure anytime soon. I spent a solid hour cleaning up the kitchen after I put them to bed and I think I am still finding sprinkles!